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2010-04-02 23:18:16 by DJ-Ultimize

I recovered my account. So now I have this account back.
It's always useful to have an alt like this just in case.
Also, I remade wandering winds, you can find it here: /322770

Last Post on this account

2008-01-28 00:15:52 by DJ-Ultimize

This is the last post on this account, because I am making an account with a name that best suits my genre of music: Metal.
So if you're looking for me, my new account will be "Pure-Metal-UTA"
UTA Means "Up The Ass" Why? Because Dave Mustaine said "Metal Up the Ass!" when he was still in Metallica, so don't you DARE think of it as something gay.

See you all on my new account!

Egg Baby Project Log

2008-01-24 00:18:46 by DJ-Ultimize

I am posting this assignment log as a way to humour you guys.

Day one with egg baby: Get high off weed before taking baby, Then put baby on lap, play guitar and then play halo 3. Much out on food with baby on lap and proceed with burning out.
Day two: Wake up at 1 am burnt out and not caring with baby is, so fall back asleep. Wake up and realize "EGG BABY'S MISSING!!!" Get stoned and look for baby
Day three: Egg Baby still missing. Get stoned, look for it, forget about it and play some halo
Day four: Still missing. Stoned again, look for it, forget about it and play guitar
day Five: Still missing, still stoned and looking.
Day six: Run out of weed so sobered up, actually LOOK for the egg and find it under the night table with a cracked head. Luckily it's a boiled egg. Proceeded with bandaging cracks.

Yes I was stoned for all those days, even six. I sobered up after school.

And i'll probably be stoned tomorrow too.
I hope I humoured you!

Announcement Reminder thingy

2008-01-18 01:38:04 by DJ-Ultimize

I do plan on remaking my songs, I've already started on a couple. The quality will be much much better so there shouldn't be any noise to block out the sweet riffs.


2008-01-17 01:13:35 by DJ-Ultimize

Lots of shit going on:
1) I actually got the concept of arpegios and sweeping, so now all I have to do is practice and I'll be having some pretty kick ass solos in my songs - old and new.

2) The old chord I had was not causing the feedback; however it did cut out the sound at very bad times. So I got a new one.

3) I'm having issues with using acoustica beatcraft: Like how do i get different beats besides 8th and 16th triplets? What if I want a drumroll? Beatcraft doesn't help me out in it's help section, so if any of you readers could help me out with that, please leave a comment!

4) I'm getting a bigger hard drive and a CD/DVD Burner... So as soon as we get a drumset (who knows when that'll be) We can record a demo album!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Back from the holidays!

2008-01-03 04:03:17 by DJ-Ultimize

I swear my dad's place can be a nightmare cause he's there... Anywho, I'm back from the holidays... my dad's, and I got some very fucking awesome stuff... First off, a brand new Randy Rhoads Jackson King V!!! Nice! Then I got a 360... you should know what I mean. And with my new guitar, I am more inspired to make new stuff... I'm already thinking up Ideas!

That's all for now!

What a night!

2007-12-01 02:23:50 by DJ-Ultimize

Man tonight was fucked! Started as a big town-wide holiday thing where people get drunk. There was a party going on at my friend's house, he freaked out and kicked everyone out (I wasn't there) Then he went downtown. The people didn't leave, the one that kept it going is a real dickface faggot. Anywho, so apparently someone made a molotov coctail and threw it. Then they trashed the garage (where the party was held). So we were downtown, party still going. I was looking for my other friend who was plastered. The one guy and I went back to his house, the party still going on, and played some guitar hero. Then another guy and I went back downtown to look for my other friend. My mom was looking for us, so she picked us up. Apparently i was shitfaced and fell asleep in a trash bin (NOT TRUE) anywho so we kept looking for my friend who was supposed to stay the night. About 30 minutes later, we found him. He was fucked out of his mind. We drove home, got some booze. He was drunk and talkative, like most people before a hangover. Then it hit him! He was on the couch about to puke, i got him a bucket and some water. Wow. He's now asleep. I should get him a blanket. Oh yeah, I'll be redoing my songs tomorrow... or later today, same difference.


2007-11-30 18:48:43 by DJ-Ultimize

Just some immediate News. I'll be remaking the songs that are too loud To make them quieter. Some of these include: Anger Gathering, Wandering Winds, and Feedback Frenzy. I'll also be putting on Crazy Train again. But better! Oh yeah AJStyles is a dick.


2007-11-29 00:32:48 by DJ-Ultimize

With Bad-Man-Incorporated's help, i'm now better with the NG Music thing. Along with recording. I still have feedback Issues, but with BMI's Help, that's solvable. This will become way easier!

Guitar Pro... and my Career

2007-11-27 01:07:57 by DJ-Ultimize

Right now you might know, my music doesn't sound too swell. Why? There's only one explaination i can think of. and that's The pickups on my guitar. It causes too much feedback and it makes it sound shitty. And what will I do about it? Well to start, at christmas i have a high chance of getting a Jackson King V which will improve the sound alot... at least i hope.

Music wise, i'm still working on writing LastSpartan's Demon's Rise on Guitar Pro. Guitar pro is useful man. It's a writing program that lets you hear what you've written so far. Only in MIDI style though. If you want it to sound real, you should get the Extension for it, RSE (Realistic Sound Engine). There's alot you can do on it.

Also I'm also gonna try covering Skid Row's 18 and Life. That's a good song.

Until Next time.