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What a night!

2007-12-01 02:23:50 by DJ-Ultimize

Man tonight was fucked! Started as a big town-wide holiday thing where people get drunk. There was a party going on at my friend's house, he freaked out and kicked everyone out (I wasn't there) Then he went downtown. The people didn't leave, the one that kept it going is a real dickface faggot. Anywho, so apparently someone made a molotov coctail and threw it. Then they trashed the garage (where the party was held). So we were downtown, party still going. I was looking for my other friend who was plastered. The one guy and I went back to his house, the party still going on, and played some guitar hero. Then another guy and I went back downtown to look for my other friend. My mom was looking for us, so she picked us up. Apparently i was shitfaced and fell asleep in a trash bin (NOT TRUE) anywho so we kept looking for my friend who was supposed to stay the night. About 30 minutes later, we found him. He was fucked out of his mind. We drove home, got some booze. He was drunk and talkative, like most people before a hangover. Then it hit him! He was on the couch about to puke, i got him a bucket and some water. Wow. He's now asleep. I should get him a blanket. Oh yeah, I'll be redoing my songs tomorrow... or later today, same difference.


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