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Scared Shitless

2007-11-25 02:01:40 by DJ-Ultimize

I was walking home from my friends just now, and... I felt something was chasing me. Picture it, empty street, no sound at all but in my head (and even then it was still silent) and you feel something's running at you. I ran as fast as i could! I'm still wondering what the fuck was chasing me.

Going well

2007-11-23 23:36:33 by DJ-Ultimize

Things are going well, there's a few good and bad things going on. To start, I'm getting used to Cool Edit Pro to record my shit, and the file converter's doing the job that needs to be done. On the bad side though, my guitar's pretty fucked up so there's really bad feedback and I think i know the issue, the problem is though, i don't know where to get what i need to stop the feedback.
My band's going good... i guess. The other members are actually trying to participate, finally. And i'm hoping that soon we get a drumset for the drummer. and the finally we can start recording! Now all i gotta do is find some programs that'll get me some SFX and edit the bad stuff out of the recordings. Then everything'll be ready and we can finish the demo album Corruption
The songs on it are really good too! So things are starting to look good... finally.