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Guitar Pro... and my Career

2007-11-27 01:07:57 by DJ-Ultimize

Right now you might know, my music doesn't sound too swell. Why? There's only one explaination i can think of. and that's The pickups on my guitar. It causes too much feedback and it makes it sound shitty. And what will I do about it? Well to start, at christmas i have a high chance of getting a Jackson King V which will improve the sound alot... at least i hope.

Music wise, i'm still working on writing LastSpartan's Demon's Rise on Guitar Pro. Guitar pro is useful man. It's a writing program that lets you hear what you've written so far. Only in MIDI style though. If you want it to sound real, you should get the Extension for it, RSE (Realistic Sound Engine). There's alot you can do on it.

Also I'm also gonna try covering Skid Row's 18 and Life. That's a good song.

Until Next time.


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