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2008-01-17 01:13:35 by DJ-Ultimize

Lots of shit going on:
1) I actually got the concept of arpegios and sweeping, so now all I have to do is practice and I'll be having some pretty kick ass solos in my songs - old and new.

2) The old chord I had was not causing the feedback; however it did cut out the sound at very bad times. So I got a new one.

3) I'm having issues with using acoustica beatcraft: Like how do i get different beats besides 8th and 16th triplets? What if I want a drumroll? Beatcraft doesn't help me out in it's help section, so if any of you readers could help me out with that, please leave a comment!

4) I'm getting a bigger hard drive and a CD/DVD Burner... So as soon as we get a drumset (who knows when that'll be) We can record a demo album!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!


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