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Egg Baby Project Log

2008-01-24 00:18:46 by DJ-Ultimize

I am posting this assignment log as a way to humour you guys.

Day one with egg baby: Get high off weed before taking baby, Then put baby on lap, play guitar and then play halo 3. Much out on food with baby on lap and proceed with burning out.
Day two: Wake up at 1 am burnt out and not caring with baby is, so fall back asleep. Wake up and realize "EGG BABY'S MISSING!!!" Get stoned and look for baby
Day three: Egg Baby still missing. Get stoned, look for it, forget about it and play some halo
Day four: Still missing. Stoned again, look for it, forget about it and play guitar
day Five: Still missing, still stoned and looking.
Day six: Run out of weed so sobered up, actually LOOK for the egg and find it under the night table with a cracked head. Luckily it's a boiled egg. Proceeded with bandaging cracks.

Yes I was stoned for all those days, even six. I sobered up after school.

And i'll probably be stoned tomorrow too.
I hope I humoured you!


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